Getting way to over excited they’ve tweeted me but the bf is still chatting to them having a beer with um so effing jealous!! :( xx #antndec #famousfriends haha

Getting way to over excited they’ve tweeted me but the bf is still chatting to them having a beer with um so effing jealous!! :( xx #antndec #famousfriends haha

Glossy box 2013

a little review of my glossy box! if you’ve never heard of a glossy box before or seen one, its a monthly beauty box you get delivered to your house for £12.95 including p+p. you usually get five samples but you can get full size products like i have recieved this month and a complimentary eye sleeping mask. i will explain whats inside and do a little review of the products once i’ve tried them. also they do themes for there boxes and this months theme is ‘detox’ if you would like to purchase one go to; 
from left to right…
1. paul mitchell - super strong daily shampoo.
ive recieved a 100ml bottle but a 300ml bottle is worth £11.50, this shampoo is designed to help strengthen and repair hair that has been damaged by chemical, enviromental or heat styling abuse.
2. elemis fresh skin - skin glow facial exfoliator.
i’ve recieved a 30ml bottle but a 100ml bottle is worth £12, it has a deep pore cleansing action, this exfoliating facial wash combines cherry powder and jojoba beads to gently polish away dead skin cells and help refine skin texture.
3. monu- aromatic mask.
i’ve recieved a 30ml bottle but a 100ml bottle is worth £24.95, this warming facial mask helps increase vitamin and mineral absorption, instantly renewing and invigorating your skin. 
4. duck island limited- body lotion.
ive recieved a 30ml bottle but 2 x 250ml bottles are worth £24.95, this indulgent body lotion will help you relax, while simultaneously stimulating your senses.
5. jason- lips bee healthier.
i recieved a full sized product worth £1.99, the jason brand name means ‘healer’ in greek. 
6. i also got a free gift from glossy box a sleep eye mask which is lovely! 
i’m really impressed with this months glossybox. 
do you have a beauty box delivered monthly? do you like glossybox? x

My faveourite beauty vlog/blogger…


Have you seen my Favourites of 2012 video yet? I would be ever so thrilled if you reblogged or liked if you were feeling extra lovely :) xx

Saturday night at the movies.

Me and my boyfriend watched The Impossible.

A film based on the terrific true story of the family who got caught in the devastating tsunami in 2004 that hit south east Asia. A family caught with tens of thousands of strangers, in the mayhem of one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time. It was such a sad film i was biting my tongue through most of it but had a little cry looked to the right of me and my boyfriend was crying too!! So heart tugging. If i was sat at home watching this i would of cried all the way through! You couldn’t even begin to imagine what that poor family went through and all of the other many families. So so devastating. If your going to watch it i would highly recommend you take a box of tissues!! x

Lipsticks Review…

A couple of new lipsticks.


I was a MAC virgin till the other day when i brought this new lipstick in HUE retailing at £14.00. Stupidly i went out and picked this color as i heard so many good reviews on the color, didn’t even test it out on my lips and although it doesn’t look to bad with my skin tone it does make me look a little washed out. So a waste of £14.00 but i might use it one day. I will defo take more time picking a lipstick in the future! As although £14.00 isn’t very expensive it is when your not going to really use a product. I must say though they smell heavenly and even taste nice on the lips. What are your favorite Mac products or lipstick shades?

I then brought my first Rimmel- Kate Lasting finish Lipstick…

This is in the shade 003 retailing at £5.49 at boots. I absolutely loved this lipstick, such a lovely color on the lips, fantastic finish and they smell nice too. Under half the price of a MAC lipstick i have to say i prefer this miles off! But i am yet to try other shades in the MAC lipsticks and the Kate lipsticks too. Could anyone recommend a good long lasting lipstick? x

Happy new year everyone.

Hope everyone had a fun new years eve and a good start into the new year…


Here are some New Year Resolutions of mine…

♥ Loose my baby weight and added extra.

I had Oscar September 19th and ever since i have lost 2 stone but in December i just turned into a lazy slob who keeps eating junk food and i swore to myself that in January, the start of a new year, NO MORE. You need to get to the gym, drink more water and get that fat ass back into shape! Its only making me miserable every time i pass the mirror or shop window. I shall be a milf!! 

♥ De clutter!

I am a serious hoarder of old gift boxes, bags, beauty things i don’t really use, just plain rubbish that i never need. So i need to just throw a hole load of stuff in the trash! When i moved out i did throw alot of stuff out but looks like i’m creeping back to my old ways and its not really the place to do it. ( Poky little home, but it is lovely :) )

♥ Believe in myself more.

I really am a very un-confident person and put myself down alot. I always question myself. When i know i don’t need to i just need to stop putting myself down so much and cut myself some slack!

♥ Learn to drive.

I’ve been saying this for aaaages! But i do really need to know how to drive! Now having a little one when my other half is at work it would be a whole lot better if i could drive and get out more.

♥ Stop wasting money.

I’m constantly buying things i don’t even need! It’s ridiculous i just can’t help myself its like as soon as i get paid i wan’t to run to the shops and stock up with extra beauty products and more clothes i know i’m not going to wear, so why do i do it?! I’m currently banning myself from buying any more beauty products till i use all my current ones up!

♥ Get out more.

Since having Oscar i seem to have turned into a little hermit who stays in her little home all day cleaning and looking after my little man. What an exciting life hay? Ha. I need to get out of the house and socialise with my friends, take oscar to some baby groups and just get some fresh air lol!

♥ Stick up for myself

This also means say yes more or no instead of just agreeing with someone. I constantly let people walk all over me. I’m really soft. But since having a baby I have got a bit more confident and realised who are my true friends! But certain people get on my nerves when there dictating what i do with my son or his needs i’m like HELLO he’s my son what i say go’s. At the end of the day when your a mother you know whats best for your own child!

♥ Blog more

I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs and find them so fascinating and enjoyable but never know what to blog about myself?! I also love watching youtube videos of people. I need to dedicate a bit more time into blogging  and finding good material to blog about.

♥ Don’t take everything to heart.

I literally take everything to heart! Someone only has to say the littlest thing and i want to cry like a baby! I’m so soft and silly, i wish i wasn’t like this but what can you do? 

♥ Be more organized.

I need to be a hell of alot more organised as i forget everything! I buy diarys and never write anything in them or forget too.. I’m buying a whole lot of new storage for my make up thats waiting to be delivered so organizing my vanity will be first on the list!

What are your new year resolutions? x

I know I’m completely addicted to lush! My boyfriends the best this is what is inside
Lush Legends and a few extras and the Snow fairy gift set :). What did you all get for Christmas? I haven’t been dedicating to my blog for a while but one of my new yr resolutions is too! X

I know I’m completely addicted to lush! My boyfriends the best this is what is inside
Lush Legends and a few extras and the Snow fairy gift set :). What did you all get for Christmas? I haven’t been dedicating to my blog for a while but one of my new yr resolutions is too! X

Got so spoilt this Xmas of the boyfriend!! He said I know how much you love lush so here you go… OMFG!?! Can not wait to open this up Xmas day!!! So excited. I shall do reviews too :D xxxx

Got so spoilt this Xmas of the boyfriend!! He said I know how much you love lush so here you go… OMFG!?! Can not wait to open this up Xmas day!!! So excited. I shall do reviews too :D xxxx

A recent Lush haul… 

From top Right, 

1.Golden Wonder £3.25 - If you shake it, it rattles and this one is my fave bath bomb’s ever! It changes different colors and out comes soluble stars! Its so pretty. 

2. Sex bomb £3.20 - With jasmine and ylang ylang infused inside it smells divine and out comes some pretty little petals. Its packed full of soya milk too which makes your skin feel so soft!

3. BB Seaweed £5.95 - A fresh face mask which i have a review on on my extra skincare post.

4. Popcorn Lip Scrub £5.25 - The best invention for dried/cracked lips! It is for me anyway. You just rub on the scrub on dry lips and you can even lick of the lasting bits as it has a sugary caramel taste. I personally don’t as i find it sickly but each to there own… 

5. Snow Fairy Shower Gel £3.50 - My absolute fave shower gel atm it just smells divine!! Its so fruity and tasty you could eat it! As it smells of pear drops and candyfloss. So sad that it’s limited edition though and only comes out at Christmas i’m tempted to stock up with it! As i use this every time i’m in the bath/shower atm. I would highly recommend this to anybody who loves intensely sweet smells.

6. Space Girl £2.10 - Its pretty, purple and glittery you think it couldn’t get any better? Well it does! It has popping candy inside!! You have to dip your head under water to hear the full effects! Another favorite of mine.

7. Magic Wand £4.95 - This is the solid version of the snow fairy shower gel and is RE-USABLE unlike the other lush bath bombs which is also why i LOVE it. You only need to shake your wand a little over the bath and tons of bubbles appear! Its amazing. 

What are your favorite lush products?

                                                      Skin care extras

As well as my daily and nightly skin care routines i love my LUSH fresh face masks my absolute fave is BB SEAWEED - For softening, cooling and reducing redness.

Honey, seaweed and aloe vera to soften and soothe. Olive oil to moisturise.  Fresh rose petals and rose absolute to reduce redness. Rosemary oil to regenerate the skin. All of this is held together with kaolin, ground almonds and millet flakes – so when you wash this off you are also gently exfoliating and removing dead skin. It retails at £5.95 the only downfall is the use by date so you have to get your use out of it before it goes out of date but it makes my skin feel so refreshed and brightens it. I tend to use this twice a week giving my skin a little treat.

Just thought i’d show you what it looks like on… 

Do you use Lush face masks? Or can suggest any good face masks?
my daily and nightly skin care routine.

This is my daily skin care routine, i tend to change my products but at the moment i am loving these products they leave my skin feeling so refreshed and intact! Also keeping nasty spots away!
First i use the face soap and clarity, foaming facial wash which retails at £7.00 at boots. It leaves my skin feeling tight but in a good way. In the morning i’m usually rushing around having a little one so as this is a 3 in 1 its very good. 
Secondly i use The Body Shop Cucumber Toner sadly i got it in the sale as it is discontinued but as it was only £2 i stocked up. It justs does the general job of a toner and is nice and refreshing. 
Then i use For daily youth, 6 in 1 super boost moisture lotion and it does exactly what it says on the tin! This retails at £12 from boots. As my skin is quite dull especially in the winter weather it gives my skin a glow with its contents of vitamin E and A and an aromatherapeutic fragrance blend with essential oils of orange, grapefruit, eucalyptus, lavender, amyris, cedarwood and fennel it gives it a lovely dewy shine. 
Lastly i use my Nivea Daily essentials Primer for Dry/ Senstive skin retailing at £4.99 from Superdrug it primes the skin before you apply your make up and also moisturizes too and keeps my make up in tact for the day ahead.

This is my Nightly skin care routine, as my daily skin care routine i do tend to change my beauty products but this is what i am currently using. That give’s my skin a fantastic feeling.
Firstly i use No7 Beautiful Skin Make up remover which i got out of a No7 gift set for a birthday present, it just removes my make-up before i start the skin care routine.
Secondly i use Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser retailing at £10 from boots. “It cleans, it smooths, it melts away makeup! With panthenol, natural sweet almond, orange and lavender essential oils. Free muslin face cloth inside.” This is exactly what it does. 
I then use the same toner as i do in my daily skin care routine, i then use my Lush Popcorn Lip scrub as my lips are so dry and cracked i need something a little more than just a lip butter/ Vaseline this retails at £5.25 from Lush it leaves my lips feeling so nourished with coconut oils and even has a caramel taste, it says so rub the scrub all over your lips then lick of the remains i don’t actually do this as i find it sickly i just wipe it of with a wet cloth but is the best invention i have found for my lips. 
I then lastly use my Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion at a retail price of £17 from the Clinique website and as i got it over the christmas period i recieved a little bag of mini beauty products which was a bonus.